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Nellie & Noel Negron
Level: Executive Director
Location: Florida

My wife and I retired in our early forties from New York City. Five years ago, we learned of Team Liberty and thought it might be a good way to make some extra Lifestyle money. By lifestyle I mean the money used for vacations, evenings out, etc. Well, Liberty has turned into a full time income for Nellie and I and we are saving for our future and that of our family. In our opinion, there is no better opportunity available for those people that want to work from home or just need to stay up with the rising cost of living. Nellie and I love our business with Team Liberty.

SDS Sergeant NYPD, Systems Administrator NYU



Betty Held
Level: National Director
Location: Florida

I have worked with Team Liberty since 2001 mostly on a part-time basis. Working in Corporate America for 38 years and going nowhere made me decide to work Liberty full time! The possibility of working from home, being my own boss, and helping others achieve their goal to financial security has finally become reality. Since focusing on my Liberty business, I found the money that I wanted to make through residual income. I now look forward to working with others to help them achieve their dreams.

Betty Held / Financial Analyst



Michael Davie
Level: Director
Location: North-Central Ohio

I've been in the insurance arena for over 25 years, and Team Liberty and the Liberty supplemental health care benefits are nothing less than a unique compliment to my already existing business. And, I cannot wait to introduce this integral company and it's dynamic "Lifestyle" opportunity to all of my business constituents across the country!



David & Peggy Bramwell
Level: Director
Location: Maryland

Team Liberty is awsome! The concept is awsome! When we selected Team Liberty, we did not realize that within a very short period of time we could have developed the kind of organization we have today.We are excited about our future and the reality of knowing that we can make more money than we ever dreamed possible!



Lorenzo & Brenda Hogans
Level: National Director
Location: Florida

Team Liberty was everything we were looking for. In our first 30 days we made National Director and earned over $1,500.00! The best part is, now we are in control and every month we are building our retirement income from the monthly renewals we recieve! What a blessing.

Liberty is the answer!



Lisa Daniels

Team Liberty has given me a new mission in life, a ground floor opportunity, a way to help reduce the cost of health care, but most of all helping people change their quality of life. It is important to be at the right place at the right time, and Team Liberty is the right place at the right time.

Lisa Daniels


Phil Obach
Level: National Director
Location: Florida

For the most part, there is a lot of competition in the traditional workplace; people will step all over you in order to better their own position, smiling as they dig their foot in. Not so with Liberty. Everyone in Team Liberty is interested in the success of everyone else, so the support available from others is amazing.

Phil and Vera Obach


Luis Vega
Level: National Director
Location: Arizona

As a single male, Team Liberty means to me financial freedom for my future family. It means that my parents will be taken care of. My family will never have to borrow money from any lending institutions or ever have to do something for money that they would not want to do. This peace of mind that Team Liberty has provided me with is worth every bit of effort, sacrifice, ups and downs, that the next two to four years will bring me in order to build a thriving multi-million dollar enterprise with Team Liberty. Team Liberty has shown me that there is another way to live! It's shown me a two to four year game plan instead of my original 40 year game plan to retire.

Luis Vega



Linda Lambert
Level: National Director
Location: Florida

God opened a door for me to be a part of Team Liberty in December 2003. I am taking the limits off of what God can do for me financially. I believe God will give me a bountiful harvest in personal sales and in helping other people reach their financial goals.
Don't let your circumstances control you. Sign up to be an IBO today and see what God can do for you!

Linda Lambert



Jeremy Gray
Level: National Director
Location: Florida

By working with Team Liberty, I've never been so proud to work with many leaders across the U.S. Achieving an income that generates an excellent renewal! Many Americans are in dire need of healthcare, many can't even afford to have a prescription filled, or a doctor's visit. There is a tremendous need for healthcare by millions of Americans. They, or should I say we, can't afford insurance, aren't accepted, or need much more benefits not offered. Many need a health plan that has benefits that include Prescription card, Doctor's Visits, Hospitalization, Dental Care, Vision, just to name a few! Well, now there is a plan for Us!

Jeremy D. Gray


Daniel Adams
Level: National Director
Location: Ohio
Background: Loss Prevention / Security

What I like most about Team Liberty is, it gives anyone who is tired of the 9 to 5 rat race the ability to leverage their time and money.

Daniel Charles Adams


Cam Sawyer
Level: IBO
Location: North of Portland, OR
Background: Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC).

I'd say Liberty found me when I wasn't looking, and I know enough about economic trends to explore them when I see a business opportunity that seems timely. Team Liberty's approach to addressing the issue of out of control health care costs was irresistible for me to ignore. The more I explored it, the more I saw Liberty had more to offer than other business opportunities I was involved in, so I joined. I have gotten more effective upline support with Liberty than with any other business opportunity I have ever been involved with.
If you are looking for a simple, direct and straightforward system to market your product, with a company well positioned to take advantage of a desperate need in this country I would encourage you to join us.

Best regards, Cam Sawyer


Angel Caraballo
Level: National Director
Location: Florida

I have been working Team Liberty on a part time basis since 2002. I love Team Liberty because it is different from my regular work and pays me for work I did long ago. With Liberty, I keep making residual income month after month. Team Liberty has never missed a commission check and I get paid every Wednesday and Friday. I love Team Liberty.

Immigration Service Business Owner


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